Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab Facilities

The Life Lab is a flexible and shared lab and workspace facility

Expansive Lab Resources

36 equipped lab benches and 50 coworking spaces.

The potential for a private lab suite for a venture of up to six scientists.

Kitchen and common space, as well as access to the Harvard i-lab.

The facility is bio-safety lab level 1 (BL1) with dedicated bio-safety lab level 2 (BL2) rooms.

Expansive Lab Resources

The space is supported by fume hood alcoves, tissue culture rooms, refrigeration, a microscopy room, and associated operational infrastructure provided by LabCentral.

Expansive Lab Resources

The arrangement and disposition of the elements across the 15,000 square feet is intended to provide flexibility across a diverse array of spaces and, importantly, to promote community connections.

Facts and Figures


Members will retain intellectual property (IP) independently developed at the Life Lab.


15,000 square feet of co-working space; 36 benches/50 coworking spaces, conference rooms, kitchen.


Accepting life sciences ventures founded and led by Harvard faculty, alumni, students, and postdoctoral scholars.


Gain access to Harvard Innovation Labs’ programming and network of faculty, mentors, advisors, and investors.


Short term, month-to-month occupancy agreements at below-market rates offers maximum flexibility.

The Life Lab provides lab equipment typically used in life sciences research, including:

  • BSL-1 and BSL-2 facilities
  • Chemical and cell-culture hoods
  • Centrifuges, vortices, shakers
  • Refrigerators, freezers, storage facilities
  • Flow cytometry, PCR, plate readers, imaging station
  • Additional functional support such as autoclave, glasswashers, ice machines, deionized water, vacuum, and gas supply

Services offered

  • Permits for all lab operations
  • Cleaning and waste removal
  • EHS training and compliance for all lab users
  • Maintenance of equipment and technical support
  • Group purchasing is provided, as well as other programs in which pooled access reduces costs.


The fully equipped lab and office area features 36 individual benches and 50 coworking spaces, each significantly below market cost on a per-month basis. Each coworking desk space membership is $200 per month. Benches are $2,500 per month, which includes one coworking desk membership. The private lab suite for a resident venture of up to 6 individuals is $15,000-$18,000 per month.